Go Interactive Wellness presents


a revolutionary stress-reduction course for the work place.

Are you ready to UNWIND in the workplace?

When you look at your employees who are stressed out, stuck in a work rut, and dreaming of retirement, you know “work-life balance” isn’t enough. Pushing through the tense hours of to-dos only rewards them with fleeting moments of joy. At GO Interactive Wellness, we’ve found that real balance requires a new mindset and a new relationship with stress. We drew from more than a decade of corporate wellness experience to develop Unwind, a deep relaxation course that teaches participants to slow down, look stress in the eyes and re-enter the workplace with a lasting sense of calm. Unwind helps you keep employees engaged, prevent burnout, and improve workplace morale.


  • Employees spend most of their time at work.
  • Learning how to mindfully manage stress in their most stressful environment hits the source. 
  • Becoming more relaxed in the workplace equips employees to easily tackle stress in other environments.
  • When coworkers experience relaxation together, they create a ripple effect that influences the entire staff.

Course Details

Designed for the average boardroom during a business retreat or development day, UNWIND equips 15-40 of your colleagues with long-term mindfulness techniques such as stretching, breathing and meditation. We’ll even provide you with promotional materials to help enroll employees. Each quarter follows a different theme, keeping repeat participants engaged and on course for a long-term benefits plan.



UNWIND anytime

Includes four sessions, one session per quarter. You name the dates and location. 


UNWIND on tour

Includes four sessions, one session per quarter. Join us for pre-scheduled date in cities on our tour. Space is limited.










Finding wellness program that is interesting and engages a large part of your staff is not easy. We get it. We take pride that our experiential approach and passion for the subject will translate into your group loving what they learn. A dull lunch and learn won't cut it anymore in your wellness program. Bring rich information and effective practices and you are guaranteed to have your staff high-fiving you for the awesome work you do as wellness coordinator or HR director. 

Plus, not only are we not a boring lecture, UNWIND comes with promotional material to make it easy on you to market the classes. The classes are the perfect fit for any Boardrooms size, and UNWIND costs are doable to most wellness budgets. UNWIND cost gives you maximum results without breaking the wellness budget. 

Your GO Tour does not come to our city. While we are based in Charleston, SC, the three main facilitators travel to any city 500 miles from Charleston. We offer two options to bring the course to your workplace: Anytime or GO Tour. GO Tour is offered to major southeastern cities. Check to see if yours is one of them. IF you do not see your city on the list, contact us about how your city can become one of the touring cities. It may be easier than you think. Outside of the GO Tour cities, UNWIND is offered to any city 500 miles from Charleston, SC. 

Our wellness program is focused on physical activity. Most people are learning about the importance of stress management that is mindful and attainable. While not everyone will find value in the well-crafted experience UNWIND offers, majority of our clients a grateful for our expertise. To help pitch the course idea to your wellness committee or HR director, include these helpful compliments. We still blush when we read these. 

It is out of our wellness budget this year. Sounds like you have used your budget on great programming to provide your co-workers with healthy information. We applaud you taking your programming seriously. Keep us posted when you are reviewing your budget for the next year (or quarter) and we promise to stay in touch with our latest material information. Company wellness budgets can be limited. Keep us in mind when you evaluate your dollars for the following year. We promise to keep you posted on course updates.    

I am very interested in this kind of class, but don't think many will be. With the % of people getting less than 6 hours of sleep a night increasing from 12% to 40%, most people do not know what relaxation feels like. They may not know they are interested in relaxation. After this class, they will realize how great it feels to the body and mind. 

We do not have enough space in our office. Conference or board rooms are the best. The class size can be decided based on the room size. We suggest a group between 15 to 20 but can accommodate up to 40 (room permitting). Hotel conference rooms may be a great option. Additional cost will be added. 

Four courses a year is too much of a commitment. Rather than four hours, which no one can find the time for during the work week, breaking up the course into four separate hour-long courses is the best way to keep attendance high. It gives people the option to come to one or all four without missing too much work. Breaking the course up also gives the time for integration. Integration time gives participants opportunity to be self-empowered to find more information on their own.   

Payment for the courses up-front is not doable. In order to be sure the facilitator is scheduled, a reserved commitment has to be made by financial commitment. We have kept it to a reasonable split so the commitment is between you and me (company to company).  

Promoting for this event will be challenging. We have you covered. Our course comes with promotional material for you use when sharing the details about the upcoming course. 

Lunch and learns have not been successful. This is not your typical lunch and learn. With our Present and Experience approach, we lead the courses with doing the techniques instead of conceptualizing. No more boring powerpoint or drab presentations, this is 

We do not have yoga equipment. One of our core beliefs is asking participants to bring their own materials gives them an investment. The only materials needs by participants include a pillow and two blankets (thin and easy to carry). Bringing the materials gives the participants the empowerment to do the techniques on their own.

I have heard meditation is too hard. What is taught in UNWIND are the simple and basics techniques of mindfulness. Meditation is part of a mindfulness practice and can seem difficult. When approached in bite-size pieces, participants understand why and how meditation is doable. Meditation is hard. The way we teach the mindful techniques, we simplify the techniques so they are no longer intimidating but simple to execute. We make it so simple, a participant can go tell their family member the basics. (And that is what we love- family sharing the information they learn which keeps the ripple going).