Welcome to your Intro Video. Watch the first video and then continue to the other tips to help you complete your Stress Management Strategy.

Video Two offers your next two tips on the type of information to offer and the ideal kind of time to give your program.

Video Three offers insight to keep material relevant and how to make your program more playful.

Video Four continues to highlight two of our top 9 tips to creating a great program for your workplace. 

Your Final Video wraps up with two more tips to get you inspired to start today and captures all of the 9 tips one more time. 

Top Tips for Your Stress Management Strategy + (pdf) 

Welcome to this mini-video series to support you in your mindfulness stress management strategy creation. We all need a little inspiration every once and a while, so take this as your dose for the month. 

You play a huge part in creating significant impact in your workplace approach to health and wellness. Learn our top 9 tips we use in our programming and help the corporations we work with bring these elements to their own programming. 

first - download your guides

Before starting, feel free to download the PDF and follow along. Included is your own checklist to use when you are sitting down and deciding on what to offer your company.