"Lyn Tally is a yoga teacher, magician and miracle worker. As someone who has practiced yoga for 25 years, Lyn is easily my favorite teacher. The real magic happens each semester when she takes over my room full of college students many who are NOT excited to do yoga and only there because its class. In one hour's time, cynical students learn to value relaxing and giving the mind and body a break. They leave wanting to do more yoga, incredulous at how calm they feel and understanding why it is important to take time for yourself. The benefits last for days. For many students, it is their favorite class of the semester; for some it is their favorite class of their college career."
"Unwind also makes you excited and the feeling of serenity and a uncanny awareness.  It is also relaxing and a needed break to help you refocus.” – Allison, North Charleston City Hall
"As the Wellness Coordinator for the largest high school in South Carolina, I am so grateful for the services provided by Go Interactive Wellness. Lyn and her team have provided us with on-site yoga and barre for our faculty and yoga for our students for the last four years! Their service is impeccable and having these classes available for our staff and students has really helped shape a culture of wellness in our school!” – Larsyn R. 
"I give Go Interactive Wellness 5 stars.” – Sarah, North City Hall Employee
“Go Interactive Wellness is by far the best around. You’re not going to find a group that has so much excitement, passion and pride in their work. If our employees could have it their way they would have Go classes every day of the week.” – Elizabeth, North Charleston City Hall Wellness Coordinator

“The barre and yoga classes have been phenomenal! I hear amazing comments everyday from MWV employees. Thank you so much for being so flexible and accommodating of us!” – Alyssa, MWV Wellness Coordinator, 2014

“I lovehaving yoga at LHPS. I look so forward to it each week. It is so relaxing, and physical all at the same time. It works my mind and my body. Love it!!!” – Sarah, Laurel Hill Elementary School
“I am a martial artist who plays baseball and golf and I can tell you that Yoga enhances and benefits ALL of my activities and my life in general in more ways that I thought possible. The instructors in my class are the best. Their knowledge of the human body and its strengths and limitations is outstanding. My stress and anxiety evaporates and my strength, balance and flexibility are through the roof! My sincerest thanks to Lyn Tally and her group for their commitment to their students.” – Steve, North Charleston City Hall employee
"A yoga class to BoomTown's wellness program was a highly requested item, and GO made our decision easy by offering classes for all levels of yoga experience and accommodating our schedule. Our Boomers look forward to the weekly class and always return to work more engaged and mindful." – Will, Boomtown Wellness Coordinator