go interactive wellness strives to help people find balance in the workplace.

Too often, people lose motivation, can’t find the time, and forget what it feels like to reconnect with their bodies and minds.
Offering onsite yoga and signature stress-reduction and wellness programs, GO focuses on the whole individual.   
Our classes boost your staff’s energy so you get pumped up productivity. 
A healthy workplace is an unbeatable workforce. 
Show your employees you value their health and bring them the GO experience. 


One of the easiest ways to upgrade your wellness program is to offer weekly Yoga classes. Movement is number one for stress relief. With very little equipment needed and GO's advanced teachers, you can begin immediately. Bring GO's Yoga classes to your workplace today. 



Stress is the #1 cause of illness today. Take a stance and begin to implement effective, efficient courses that will teach people how to undo the patterns of stress. Our signature stress-reduction program, UNWIND™,  is unlike any other wellness program out there.