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GO Boardroom Yoga

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Typically, if you work in a corporate setting or even a small start-up, you have to attend a meeting at some point during your week. Billions of meetings happen every year. In those meetings, participants sit and listen (or zone out). The time you spend in a meeting could be time to connect to your mind and body and create the ease you desire for a more relaxed day. 


Rather than sit through another meeting mindlessly, learn ways to keep your neck from tensing up, your legs from aching, and how to keep your breath relaxed. Use this time as a way to reconnect with your body and mind instead of feeling like it's one more thing that takes away time from the other important tasks on your plate. Soon, you will actually begin to enjoy the days with meetings rather than dread them. Let meetings become the opportunity for self-care and rejuvenation by learning how to show up differently.


  • Meetings happen every day and provide the perfect environment to practice mindfulness techniques.
  • Communication is key in meetings. When you know how to reset your mind, it allows you to be more present and engaged for those important decisions and dialogue between colleagues. 
  • Sitting is the new "smoking" and meetings tend to be done sitting. Find effective ways to activate the body even while sitting. 
  • Meetings are scheduled with purpose, but most often people are over scheduled and their ability to show up with purpose wanes over time. Learn how to re-inspire individuals to be more present, attentive and engaged during important meetings.


Designed for the typical boardroom during an average meeting, GO Boardroom Yoga equips 15-25 of your colleagues with techniques to subtly stretch and activate the body without disrupting the day to day events. Schedule one class or several depending on the size of your company and its needs. A facilitator comes to your office and provides the GO Boardroom Yoga experience.

GO Boardroom Yoga Single Class

Our sample class is a one time class that guides employees through techniques for the beginning, middle, and end of a meeting. You learn strategic and effective ways to stretch, breath, and listen to others more attentively while tuning into your body and mind. This class provides an overview of all of our techniques for creating mindfulness in meetings.

GO Boardroom Yoga Course

Dive deeper into GO Boardroom Yoga and all that it offers with our GO Boardroom Yoga Course. Expanding upon our Single Class, this four class course gives students the opportunity to explore the mindfulness meeting concept further. Each class focuses on a specific sequence. We provide in-depth education, experience and strategic techniques to help individuals feel more physically comfortable, less fidgety, more mentally present and more emotionally clear so that each meeting is productive and well received.  

  • Class One: Preparing the Body
  • Class Two: Preparing the Mind
  • Class Three: Stretching in the Boardroom
  • Class Four: Three Stages of Self-Awareness 

Contact us today to learn more and schedule your GO Boardroom Yoga experience.