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Stress can either elevate or derail your success. The UNWIND™ Retreat shifts the stressful workplace mindset by teaching employees how to befriend stress starting the moment they wake-up which raises team morale, increases client retention, and boost company profits.




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from 12.00

GO currently offers two classes a week for all NOAA and FLETC employees. 

Class schedule | 12:05 to 12:55 pm

  • Tuesday YOGA FLOW

  • Thursday Yin YOGA FLOW

Schedule Series based on Quarters:

  • Q1: Jan 15 to April 10

  • Q2: TBD

  • Q3: TBD

  • Q4: TBD

Cost Options:

  1. $150 per quarter = 24 classes; this is an unlimited plan.

  2. $110 = 10 class pass (expires end of the quarter)

  3. $12 drop-in

Each quarter a minimum of 12 people must commit to a ten class pass or one of the unlimited class passes (detailed in Cost Options above). Before each quarter begins, a survey will be sent out to ensure that we meet the minimum of 12 participants. Once the minimum is reached, GO will send out a confirmation email for you to purchase your desired pass or plan. If the minimum is not reached, classes will pause for the quarter. A survey for the following quarter will be sent out two weeks prior to its start date.

Class Pass Option:
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