Atlantic PAckaging + UNWIND ProposaL

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Stress can elevate or derail your company's success. 

Bring UNWIND™ to your workplace today.


Atlantic Packaging’s wellness programing has focused it’s support around healthy eating and exercise. Atlantic Packaging sees the common impacts that negative stress has on employee motivation, workplace morale, and absenteeism and sees the benefits of offering education to help combat the stress epidemic that is increasing through all workplaces. 


Atlantic Packaging values empowering their employees to make changes that can bring a successful experience to their work-life balance. You, as a wellness champion, see the value in offering programming that will inspire and playfully explore a “not-so-fun” topic like stress because you know it will create happier employees with more peace of mind. 

The objectives of our collaboration are focused around supporting your employees in :

  • Set your employees up to successfully accomplish their personal health and wellness goals by giving them the ability to mindfully manage their stress.
  • Uncovering the myth’s around stress to make stress an asset
  • Discover a new approach that helps combat distress from the moment your employee wakes up and the moment they go to sleep. 

Our short-term measures of success will include: 

  • Participation
  • Post-event feedback from employees
  • Implementing at least 15% of the new approach over the four-week post experience


  • Decrease the negative impacts stress has on the mind, body, and attitude
  • Increase the energy and happiness at Atlantic Package locations
  • Increase morale
  • Increase confidence in managing and dealing with daily challenges and stressors
  • Create healthy dialogue and relationship with Stress
  • Inspire a new approach to a “not-so-fun” topic
  • Support real shift with usable, in real life tools


Basic UNWIND™ Approach

- virtual 90 minute workshop
- for up to 40 participants

  • Start the empowering dialogue around stress by learning the difference between good vs. bad stress
  • Learn the five main areas one deals with stress
  • Discover four ways one is being personally impacted
  • Shift the exhausting multi-tasking mind and gain the focus of a lion
  • Learn how to catch bad stress and what to do
  • Understand how mindfulness catches bad stress and shifts it’s power
  • Learn the fool proof 3 B’s approach to always get you back to the present moment even in “bad” stress situations
  • Learn the UNWIND basic approach and how to start to make changes to all 24 hours of your day.
  • PLUS 7-day implementation challenge to integrate the mindfulness approach into real life

Complete UNWIND™ Approach
& 4-Wk INtegration support

 - base price for 10 participants
 (each additional participant $87)
- 90/120 minute LIVE on-site class


  • All from Basic UNWIND™


a 45 minute UNWIND deep relaxation experience led by Lyn Tally to feel the immediately relief from distress.

Learn the UNWIND Method that provides the steps to successfully shift relationship to stress

4 week online implementation to integrate UNWIND approach into everyday life

Access to Lyn through Q&A boards for the 4-week online implementation

UNWIND bag of materials to support completion. 

Set-up four-week next steps for successful completion

Ultimate UNWIND™ Retreat
with full day Experience
& 4-Wk INtegration supporT

- base price for 10 participants
  (each additional participant $187)
- 6 hour LIVE on-site course experience


  • All from Basic UNWIND™
  • All from Complete UNWIND™


Expanded enhanced experience to deep understanding of how Mindfulness + Stress work

Deeper dive into the UNWIND method and help participants get started with the implementation before they return home.

+ An Extra 1 hr virtual call with Lyn Tally two weeks into UNWIND Method implementation to answer questions and help navigate road blocks


Our team is available to begin working with you to schedule your UNWIND™ experience in the next two weeks. Once you select your option and complete the first payment to reserve your preferred date, we will review important dates for a successful program launch. 

Timeline from course date: 

  • Eight-weeks      Select option, complete Payment 1, and receive GO promotional material examples
  • Seven-weeks    Initial meeting to review timeline, tasks, and finalize UNWIND date/s and location
  • Six-weeks          Launch marketing for sign-ups  
  • Four-weeks       Finalize participant count and complete Payment 2
  • Three-weeks     Group meeting to check final details
  • One-week         Complete Payment 3 

What we will need from your team: 

  • Location details
  • Date and time
  • Final number of participants for complete payment

What we will provide: 

  • UNWIND experience materials
  • Suggested marketing language and examples
  • Online platform login information (presented during course)
  • Facilitator for UNWIND experience


Payment 1: 50% to reserve preferred date and order participant materials
Payment 2: 50% + participant adjusted amount 30 days prior to UNWIND™ experience
Payment 3: travel expense* + participant adjust (if applicable) One week prior to UNWIND™ experience

Your first payment non-refundable and is due up front to receive your requested times. Purchase expires 12 months from purchase date. Additional 3% added for credit cards. Scheduling changes must be made within three weeks of scheduled date or are subject to a $250 change fee.
*Travel experiences will be invoiced separately and paid in final payment.

~ Summary ~

I am excited to be in dialogue with Atlantic Packaging regarding how we might partner and create results together.  I am happy to refine this to suit your needs. Feel free to reach out with any suggestions or modifications. Our aim is to create the ideal experience for your team. 

Once you confirm your preferred UNWIND option, our next steps will be: 

Step One: Schedule our first call to finalize dates and details
In this 60-minute call, I will outline the what to expect, map out exact dates, and tasks for a successful program launch. 

Step Two: Depending on the option you choose, I will develop the full UNWIND timeline to share with your team. 

~ Select your option ~

Option One
Select Option One
Option Two
Select Option Two
Option Three
Select Option Three