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In 2007, Go Interactive Wellness was just a thought. At first the idea was simple – to become a portable yoga studio. We'd go to where people are and make yoga accessible to them.  We asked ourselves where do most people spend their time and the answer was pretty obvious - where they work. So we decided to join people in their workplace. After a few years of offering accessible yoga classes to employees onsite we quickly realized there was a strong desire and need for other services. GO expanded and began offering pilates and barre classes as well. Immediately we saw the benefits of what bringing connection to the physical body did for employees in the workplace. Employees wanted more and again we answered by expanding our company to offer a full wellness platform centered around mental and physical well-being.

Drawing from more than a decade of corporate wellness experience, GO Interactive Wellness makes it convenient for all employees to learn, grow, and participate in healthier choices for their physical and mental well-being. GO has a team of over 15 teachers and facilitators, all of whose certifications surpass the most basic training in the holistic health arts. Headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina GO Interactive Wellness serves the entire southeastern United States with clients in Tampa, Memphis, and Atlanta to name a few. 

Just like the ripple expands across the water, we believe that the positive effects of wellness spread. Our deliberate and carefully created programs bolster positivity, increase productivity and create happier and more engaged employees. 

Founder Lyn Tally

Founder Lyn Tally


Lyn Tally is the founder of Go Interactive Wellness and the co-creator of The Deliberate Method. After leaving a professional ballet career at the age of 21, Lyn felt drawn to want to understand stress and it's affect on our health.  After years of being her own worst critic, she realized that mindset and relationship to stress could make all the difference in the world to how life would feel – easeful or stressful. She quickly left her fast track career as a performer and became dedicated to learning how to approach life challenges differently and share her knowledge. 

After completing her yoga certification, she soon realized there was more to yoga practice than physical poses and she continued to study embodied mindfulness. During her studies, she felt drawn to offer these services to people in places where they felt most stressed, the workplace. For the first five years, Lyn showed up daily to businesses to bring the concept of breathing, stretching, and showing up to life’s challenges with openness instead of a bad attitude. Now, almost a decade later, Lyn has built an amazing team of committed, expert teachers who service a wide range of private and public businesses by bringing wellness to the workplace. 

While Lyn feels honored to be embraced by her community and the city she calls home she has also been given many opportunities to teach nationally and internationally. To hear more about Lyn’s retreats or travel experiences please email her at lyn@GOInteractiveWellness.com.